World Vision Ambassador

Ainsley's relationship with World Vision Australia reaches back to his time with the Australian Childrens Entertainment Group Hi-5. In 2015, Ainsley and the Hi-5 cast traveled to Myanmar to see first hand the work World Vision were doing on the ground. 

Attending Community Development Programs in both Yangon and Mandalay Ainsley witnessed the dire effects and contributing factors of poverty. Engaging with community members and sponsor children he began to understand the positive affects the resources and aid World Vision provided were having. The programs he witnessed are indicative of the work World Vision does all across the globe.

Since his visit, having seen the tangible affects of sponsorship, Ainsley has embarked on his own sponsorship journey and proudly acts a sponsor today. He has continued his Ambassadorship with World Vision post Hi-5 and passionately shares his experiences in the hopes that more people will start their own journey as sponsors. 


Read more about the Hi-5 world Vision trip to Myanmar here:

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